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Your Dedicated New Braunfels, Texas Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you facing the loss of a home or business? Allow practiced bankruptcy attorney David Cain to review your case, and provide the precise guidance and council your debt situation warrants.

Debt seems to be one of the most common financial situations entrapping American families these days. Anyone of any background can find themselves in debt over their head, and when you’re avoiding calls from creditors, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Don’t allow debt collectors to come for your home or small business. Allow a hard-working, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to look over your debts, and guide you through the right financial options for you.

Attorney David Cain has been serving small business owners just like you in New Braunfels, Texas for over 30 years. His compassion, dedication to his clients’ success, and years of experience working with creditors and banks make him the ideal candidate to help you navigate bankruptcy with peace of mind, empowerment, and confidence.

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How Can Filing For Bankruptcy Help Me?

Bankruptcy Attorney, New Braunfels, Texas

If you’re in debt over your head and can no longer pay creditors, the legal process of bankruptcy allows individuals and small business owners a fresh start by liquidating assets, making arrangements for smaller, more manageable payments, and allowing relief from the debt cycle.

Each bankruptcy case is different; your finances, personal situation, debt profile, and assets can all be examined to determine what type of bankruptcy is right for you. For the best guidance in this situation, you need a diligent and attentive attorney to review your case, and offer the best options for your unique financial needs.

Small business bankruptcy attorney David Cain will give you the personal, respectful attention your case requires. Having dedicated his career to helping families and business owners just like you get real and meaningful debt relief for over 30 years, he’s adept at helping you protect what you’ve built, and effectively representing your cause in court.

What Types Of Bankruptcy Are Available?

Determining which class of bankruptcy is right for you will first involve an in-depth conversation with an attorney, to help him better understand your needs, concerns, and unique situation. The type of bankruptcy you should file will depend on whether you’re filing as an individual, or on behalf of a business that you’ve founded.

Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me For Your Free, Phone Consultation | (210) 761-5002

Bankruptcy Attorney, New Braunfels, Texas

The main types of bankruptcy that you may find helpful include :

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy : This option is often taken by individual men and women seeking relief from personal debts. In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we petition the court that your personal debts be forgiven, allowing you a new start financially. Common debts involved in cases like this include medical debts, credit card debts, and unsecured loans.

    Attorney David Cain will work with you throughout the process, assisting with and reviewing all paperwork, speaking for you in court, and helping you hold on to your home, car, home furnishings, and retirement savings while obtaining debt relief.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy : This form of bankruptcy is typically chosen by businesses, though individuals may opt for Chapter 11, as well. This legal route allows for your debts to be reorganized and proposes paying off creditors with future net profits or income.

    This helps protect your current assets and savings in the meantime, while setting up a meaningful path for repayment. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy puts an immediate legal halt to harassing creditor calls, and can even stop or reverse repossession or foreclosure.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy : This legal option is often used by individuals, and allows for debts to be paid off through future income. However, instead of paying creditors directly, you make future payments through a trustee appointed by the court, typically over three to five years.

    The kinds of debts eligible for discharge in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy often include medical debts, credit card debt, and unsecured loans. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to hold onto your home, car, clothing and jewelry, and retirement savings, while moving forward securely towards a debt-free future.

Which one of these categories is best for you? The answer will depend on your income level, personal circumstances, debt type, and available assets. Allow a compassionate, respected bankruptcy attorney to handle your New Braunfels, Texas filing process, and choose the right option for your finances.

Attorney David Cain, Your Financial Sentinel In New Braunfels, Texas

Don’t allow yourself to flounder in debt for one day longer; allow attorney David Cain to take your side, guide you through bankruptcy, and get you the debt relief you need today.

If you’re in need of debt relief as an individual or a business, allow respected and dedicated bankruptcy lawyer David Cain to take your side and help you come out on top.

Getting debt relief in New Braunfels, Texas doesn’t need to be perplexing, overwhelming, or difficult. Let a responsible, compassionate local attorney help you explore your options, navigate each step, and choose the best legal route for you, your loved ones, and your business.

You’ve worked too hard to fear losing your home, business, and essential assets. Give seasoned and hard-working lawyer David Cain a call today at (210) 761-5002 for a free initial consultation.

Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me For Your Free, Phone Consultation

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