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Your Caring, Focused Estate Attorney In New Braunfels, Texas

If you’re considering organizing your estate, allow seasoned, diligent estate attorney David Cain to review your documents, and help you make the right choices for your loved ones and assets.

Deciding how to plan for your final wishes can be challenging, and many families delay thinking about these matters for far too long. The emotional nuances of considering estate planning don’t have to be overwhelming, and with the right legal help, the process can be much simpler and peaceable.

Planning for minor children, health-related concerns, and understanding how to provide for struggling family members can all be important factors to consider. Without the right estate lawyer by your side, important decisions may be mishandled, or delayed beyond what’s prudent.

Estate attorney David Cain has been helping New Braunfels, Texas families just like yours plan for the future, protect their assets, and pass on wealth thoughtfully for over 30 years. With sensitivity, care, and legal diligence, he can help you draft the right documents, ensure your plans are carried out, and protect your family’s legacy with care and sound attention.

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What Kind Of Legacy Plans Should I Consider?

Estate Attorney, New Braunfels, Texas

The first document you should consider drafting with your attorney is a will. Without a well-written will in place, your assets may get held up in court, and used to pay off final debts. This may cheat your loved ones of the funds, property, or resources that you meant for them.

A will can also designate guardianship for your children, should you pass away while they’re still minors. A trustee can also be legally designated to help care for your children until they’re grown. This is something that every parent of small children should consider ahead of time, and deciding who that person will be is a good conversion to have with family.

You should also consider health-care-related documents such as living wills and power of medical attorney. A living will helps healthcare providers understand which procedures you would like to be used or withheld should you become incapacitated.

A legal power of medical attorney designates a trusted friend or relative to speak for you medically should you be unable to. These important steps ensure that your wishes are respected, and help your family be able to move forward with minimal anxiety and confusion.

When Should I Update Estate Documents?

Many clients assume that a will is a “write it and forget it” kind of document. Far from it! It’s important to review and update your will when a variety of milestones are met, or when serious life changes occur. These changes may include:

  • Marrying
  • Having children
  • In the case of a divorce
  • Coming into wealth or new assets
  • Retiring
  • Selling a home

It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s never too early to begin estate planning. Whether you’re a young adult fresh out of college, or an older person considering retirement, estate planning is not something to be skipped or delayed.

At every age, it's important to make sure that you have the right legal framework in place, that your estate documents accurately describe your wishes, and that your unique family and personal situation is reflected therein.

Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me For Your Free, Phone Consultation | (210) 761-5002

Is Estate Planning Only For The Very Wealthy?

Estate Attorney, New Braunfels, Texas

Absolutely not! While some Texans imagine that estate planning is only necessary for those with large ranches, multiple rental properties, or millions of dollars to pass on, every adult should consider estate planning.

Whether your assets include one or more vehicles, a bank account, a home, a small business, land, or a second home, it’s important to make sure that the things you’ve worked hard for are respected, and go to the people or causes you care about.

Whether you’re leaving goods and money to children, a charitable foundation, friends, or a business partner, it’s important to have the right to help to make sure your estate documents are binding, well-written, and clear. This counts for those with means, as well as hard-working small business owners, and men and women from all walks of life.

Attorney David Cain, Your Thorough And Attentive Estate Attorney In New Braunfels, Texas

Make sure your final wishes are treated respectfully, and carried out faithfully. Sit down with attorney David Cain today, and take the first steps towards legal peace of mind.

David Cain has been helping Texas families and individuals just like you for over 30 years. He’s worked with a wide variety of clients in diverse situations, and can help you craft the right documents to address your needs and concerns.

No two cases are alike, and estate documents should never be one-size-fits-all. David Cain has been serving the New Braunfels, Texas area for long enough to appreciate the distinct concerns that each client brings to the table. He’ll listen, help you plan, and ensure that your wishes are respected, and that your family’s needs are protected.

Do you still have questions? Would you like to schedule a free initial consultation? Please call The Cain Law Office Today at (210) 761-5002, and get the attentive, specialized care that you and your family’s future deserve.

Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me For Your Free, Phone Consultation

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