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Seeking Relief From Debt And Creditors In Texas?

Reliable Bandera County, Texas Bankruptcy Law FirmYou’ve come to the right place.

The Cain Law Office of San Antonio, Texas, serves individuals just like you: People who are struggling to pay their bills, are worried about losing their home or small business, and are being harassed by creditors.

We’ll work with you to identify the ideal solution and to help you navigate the complex procedures required for a successful bankruptcy if that proves necessary. With us at your side, you will never be alone against the creditors. Call David Cain now, for free, at (210) 761-5002 to start down the path towards a fresh financial start.

Ask A Texas Debt Lawyer: What Type Of Bankruptcy Is Right For You?

Not all debt is created equal; some types of debt are harder to get out from under than others. More importantly, every individual’s situation is different, and different solutions will be required.

That’s why when you pick up the phone to call a bankruptcy attorney at our firm, we always start by figuring out what debt you need relief from and your overall financial situation in terms of assets, income, and debts. Based on this information and your goals for the future, we will help you choose a bankruptcy chapter and accompany you step-by-step throughout the process.

Do You Need To Use Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protections To Escape Unsecured Debts?

If you have few non-essential assets to your name but plenty of unsecured debt, like medical bills or credit card debt, our firm might suggest a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

After successfully applying for a chapter 7 bankruptcy with our lawyer, you will have any applicable unsecured debts completely discharged. This will, however, come at the cost of any non-exemptible assets (such as a second home or extra car).

This path is also well suited for small business owners who are ready to throw in the towel and give up on their enterprise to get out from under their debts.

For more information about chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can read more here or call our chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer directly.

Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy The Debt Solution For Your Small Business?

If you own or operate a business entity that is struggling with debt but has a future, our lawyer might instead advise a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Ideally suited to businesses but available to individuals as well, chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business to restructure its debts and reorganize them into a repayment plan. Thus, with the help of our bankruptcy lawyer, chapter 11 will allow you to repay those debts while staying in business, all the while being safeguarded from creditor harassment and legal action throughout the process.

To learn more about who is eligible for chapter 11 bankruptcy in San Antonio, Texas, and the protections it offers, you can read more about both here or call a lawyer today.

Want To Discharge Debts But Keep Your Assets? Consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

If your debts are overwhelming, but you want to keep all the assets you have worked hard for, and you still have a substantial income, our lawyer might suggest a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to discharge your unsecured debts, but only after paying off some of your income for a three to five-year period. By working with our chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, you will create a repayment plan to cover a portion of your combined dischargeable debts, including medical bills or credit card debt.

At the end of the process, assuming you were able to make the required monthly payments, the rest of your debt will be discharged, and you will not lose any of your assets. You can read more about the advantages of a chapter 13 bankruptcy here, or call a lawyer to get personalized advice.

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Reach out to our Texas bankruptcy attorney office today to start down the path to financial freedom and the fresh start and debt relief you need by calling (210) 761-5002. We’ll take care of the rest together.

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